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Youth-Portal.Com is the website, which is mainly focused on publishing information about study opportunities, Scholarships, Vacancies and International events abroad. Youth-Portal.Com aims to be the most popular Study portal in Europe.

Youth-Portal.Com’s online catalog provides information about educational opportunities which are fully or partly founded. We believe that information that can be founded in our website will help youth (youth organizations) to find as much professional growth and development opportunities as it is possible.

Our website is targeted to those who are constantly seeking to improve their knowledge and to develop their professional skills. There are a multitude of educational choices on our website. Here you can find information about scholarships, fellowships, professional studies, academic programs (Bachelor, M.A., M.B.A, Ph.D., etc.), individual courses, conferences, training, and contests.

This is one of the most comprehensive educational portals providing key information about universities, institutes, colleges, schools, private schools, funds and other educational centers in Various countries.

The content of this website is constantly updated in order to give students the latest and the most important information. We have found many students taking the advantage of this website while gathering necessary information about educational opportunities in foreign countries.

Our main mission is to guide youth in their study process. We want to help them to make correct decisions, to choose the right destination (universities, colleges or other educational centers) for their further studies, further development and to make their study dreams come true. Except guiding in study process and share a lot of professional development trainings and conferences our website also add information about Vacancies, which will help you to find yourself in real life after study process.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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