MA in Law in Estonia


Tallinn University of Technology

The Master’s programme in Law is tailored to enable students to learn both the general principles and philosophy of law in Europe as well as giving detailed knowledge and skills inspecialised areas: European Union and International Law; Law and Technology. The programme enables you to get basic knowledge about private and public law and study and research in detail newer areas of law, such as European Union law, intellectual property law, information and communication law, environmental and planning law, municipal law, e-voting regulation, data protection law, human rights law and other areas.

  • Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Law (MA)
  • Workload: 120 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Pre-Requisites: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Social Sciences with at least 30 ECTS in Law courses 
  • Tuition fees and scholarships: 1 ECTS = 55 EUR. Nominal study load per 1 year = 60 ECTS/€3300, 1 tuition fee waiver scholarship available that guarantees free studies. Detailed information about the scholarship is available here
  • Number of places available: 20

The faculty – Tallinn Law School (TLS) members, who come from Estonia, Sweden, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Columbia, Australia, India, the UK and the USA, include highly qualified legal academics and well-respected legal practitioners from international law firms (Tark, Grunte and Sutkiene, Glimstedt, MAQS, etc.), public officials, public prosecutors, trial lawyers and judges.

Key features

  • Specialisations in: 1) European Union and international law 2) Law and Technology
  • Student exchange with top European universities (e.g., Maastricht University, Turku University, etc.) and international summer schools
  • Participation in international moot court competitions, research projects and different networks (e.g., European Law Faculties Association, International Association of Law Schools, etc.)
  • Internationally recognised lecturers (professor Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, professor Tanel Kerikmäe, Associate Professor Lehte Roots, etc.) who received their doctoral degrees from Uppsala, Helsinki, Florence, Bremen and elsewhere

Future career options

Taught by the Law School’s international faculty, graduates of Tallinn Law School have excellent career prospects in the public and private sectors, at international organisations and European institutions, such as the European Commission, ministries and regulators, patent offices or as corporate lawyers in the rapidly growing high-technology field.

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