Check out MOOC on Erasmus+ Youth


#MOOCyouth is made for you if:

• you are a youth worker, youth leader if you work with young people or belong to an informal group of young people
• you have heard about Erasmus+ but you don’t know so much about it
• you have already applied within Erasmus+ but haven’t been lucky
• you would like to learn more about European youth cooperation but don’t know how to start

It will give you a better understanding why and how the programme was developed and you will get the ideas and motivation to go forward and put your knowledge into practice.

The course starts on 16th October 2017 but you can still enroll until 10th of November to get the full impression on the contents of the course. Here is the link to enroll (only your name, surname and email is needed!) –

Topics include:
Module 1: Introduction to Erasmus+ Youth
Module 2: Key-action 1 | Youth Exchanges
Module 3: Key-action 1 | European Voluntary Service
Module 4: Key-action 1 | Mobility of youth workers
Module 5: Key-action 3 | Structured Dialogue
Module 6: Application procedures

The course is open to everyone!
Please share with your friends and colleagues, thank you very much!

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