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Information technology is a thriving and evolving industry that makes up an essential component of most modern businesses. IT services industry comprises about 100,000 companies with revenues adding up to $290 billion. Major players in this industry include IBM and HP. Highly-skilled and educated individuals are needed to fill the demands of this high-growth field. Degree from an accredited college can help those seeking to enter the industry to qualify for IT careers.

Here is the list of recommended online colleges for Information Technology:

Southern New Hampshire University

Enhance your expertise in enterprise-level technology management by earning a Master of Science in Cyber Security with a concentration in IT Management. The cyber security graduate program online focuses on network management and security, knowledge management and web fundamentals. With an IT management concentration, you’ll dive deeper into the management of varying aspects of information technology, including the relationships between structure and process in project management and the management of IT functions within an organization. Additionally, you’ll explore enterprise resource planning and the implications of cyber law and ethics.

The online Master of Science in Cyber Security program with an IT management concentration positions you to fill the significant marketplace demand. Providing proactive preventive measures to quell the threat of breach and maintain public confidence. You’ll gain a competitive edge in this fast-growing, high-paying industry. 

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Columbia College

The Management Information Systems program combines theory and practical application so that you’ll understand the capabilities and uses of computer technology in a business context. You’ll be prepared to work confidently in a variety of environments.

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The Computer Information Systems program will provide you with a rigorous theoretical background in information systems along with the practical skills you need to go on to graduate school or pursue your career. The program also requires completion of several business courses. With a wide range of elective courses, you will also be able to tailor a program of study to fit your specific interests.

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Harrison College

The Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree program at Harrison College provides a strong foundation in both business and technology skills. If you consider yourself to be a precise, methodical problem-solver who enjoys keeping up to date with ever-changing technological advances, the information technology industry could allow you to put your skills to use.

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Champlain College

Champlain College’s online cybersecurity degree programs provide you with the specialized skills needed to succeed in this dynamic high-growth field, while also focusing on critical thinking, communication, and collaboration – highly sought after skills in today’s job market. Cyber security program courses are taught the way adult students learn best. It is with immediate professional relevance, real-world applications, and collaborative instruction. Our convenient 24/7 online classrooms allow you to fit your classwork into your schedule that suits you best.

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