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colleges of liberal arts

A liberal arts education emphasizes a well-rounded learning experience, with students taking classes in the arts, the biological and physical sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. Classes within this broad and all-encompassing group emphasize reading, writing, and discussion. Liberal arts may be offered as major at some universities, but others have a school devoted to liberal arts. In devoted schools students can select individual majors in areas such as biology, government, or political science.

Unlike majors such as nursing and journalism, liberal arts degrees do not prepare students for specific careers. Rather, they emphasize exploration across broad fields of knowledge. Students can expect to take classes in a broad range of fields, from literature to math and science. Liberal arts courses are designed to teach students how to reason critically and communicate effectively through assignments.

Here is the list of recommended online colleges for Liberal Arts:

Saint Leo University

Take the first step in furthering your education and increasing your job marketability.
The School of Arts & Sciences’ associate of arts in liberal arts is a broad degree program that lays the foundation for critical and independent thinking, and further study in a variety of disciplines.
The program prepares you for an entry-level career in a variety of industries, or for a bachelor’s degree program.
Develop university-level analytical, communication, and computer literacy skills through courses in fields such as the humanities, mathematics, religion, natural sciences, and human behavior. Additionally, our liberal arts program emphasizes leadership skills and personal and professional growth in line with Saint Leo University’s core values and traditions.

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Fisher College

Based in the long tradition Fisher College’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is prepares graduates for an ever-changing world. By completing coursework in various disciplines, the liberal arts graduate develops a skill set that enables her/him to continue to even higher levels of education as well as to enter numerous career fields. Study inliberal arts helps create a graduate with a flexible mind and an appreciation of diversity. Traditionally, a liberal arts graduate is notable for her/his critical thinking, problem solving, and synthesizing of ideas. For employers, this multi-talented graduate is admirably adept at written and oral communication, at analyzing and synthesizing information, and at making sound data-driven decisions.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts contains required courses to ensure that students explore major ideas. Ideas that have engaged scholars throughout time. It also provides many electives to allow each student to explore a discipline in depth. The requirement that each liberal artsstudent complete a minor in an area of particular interest to her/him further assists the student in developing a knowledge base and skills for continued study in that discipline or for starting a career. Additionally, the required internship with mentoring allows the liberal arts student to gain valuable experience and to clarify career goals.

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National University

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Liberal Studies completion program offered at the Pleasant Hill campus prepares individuals to make creative connections across disciplines. It helps students to think and act in innovative ways. It also leads students to practically apply their learning in their career and in service to their communities.
Students in the program receive a dynamic education that includes both face-to-face and online experiences. This powerful blend of knowledge, skills, and experiences is highly valued in today’s global workforce. It will help our students thrive in a fast-changing world.
In addition, practical, socially engaged applications of course materials are strengthened through courses in Collaborative Problem Solving, Service Learning/Field Study, and the Senior Capstone on integrative Approaches to Innovation and Sustainability.

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