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Psychology is a science that applies to many aspects of business, education, criminal justice, and clinical practice. As the study of the human mind and human behavior, psychology is utilized in areas such as human resources, student achievement, progress evaluations, the study of criminal behavior, and the treatment of mental illnesses. With such overreaching applications, individuals who obtain a degree in psychology can choose from many career paths.

Advanced graduate degrees in psychology are essential for individuals that hope to forge careers as psychologists, consultants, or business leaders, but a bachelor’s degree is not worthless. On the contrary, an undergraduate education in psychology provides students with a broad foundation in human development. By learning from a curriculum based in these content areas, individuals that have obtained their bachelor’s degree can go on to become mental health technicians, human resource administrators, teachers, and other positions that require an understanding of the human mind.

Here is the list of recommended online colleges for Psychology:

Grand Canyon University

A better understanding of the worlds past, present and future begins with human behavior. Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Grand Canyon University embraces these studies.
While preparing students for a broad range of career and advanced degree opportunities, a psychology degree closely examines human behavior of all ages (children through elderly adults). The program examines how personality and cognitive thinking is formed, developed and influenced through each persons social and cultural environment. Since behavior and emotional development is often affected by both cognitive thinking and the environment. Students will examine the roles of science and research in understanding and enhancing mental health.

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Colorado Technical University

CTU’s online Psychology degree will help students to successfully navigate the 21st century “business of people”. The degree prepares students with the critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical frameworks, communication, business professional and leadership skills which define success in today’s marketplace.
The core courses for Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program are focused to provide a holistic overview of industry-relevant skills to those who aspire to work in psychology.

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Regent University

In Regent University’s online bachelor’s degree in psychology program, you will develop a deeper understanding of psychological theory and methodology, cultural motivations that drive people to do what they do, and how to think about psychological issues logically and responsibly. The online psychology bachelor’s degree from Regent will equip you to clearly identify the philosophical issues. Underlying the discipline of psychology so you can interpret and understand scientific research from a Christian perspective. Online psychology degree program will prepare you graduate study in this field. Or equip you for numerous careers that call for a deep understanding of the human mind and heart.

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Saint Leo University

The School of Arts & Sciences’ online psychology degree introduces you to the broad spectrum of theories used in understanding human behavior. The program provides education in the discipline, with opportunity to tailor the curriculum to meet your individual needs.
Graduates are prepared for advanced study in psychology and related disciplines. As well as employment in professional entry-level positions in human service settings and mental health facilities. A psychology major is also an excellent way to prepare for a career in law, business, advertising and sales.

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