Online Colleges for Science


online colleges for science

An initial curiosity in the way the world works can lead to plenty of fulfilling careers in the science field. There are dozens of professional paths this interest can take you, from groundbreaking discoveries in research laboratories to ever-evolving work in biotechnology. Professions that stem from science degrees, such as engineers and medical doctors, are also highly regarded, thanks to the years of education, research and rigorous work they require. Earning a degree from an accredited college can help those seeking to enter the industry to qualify for science careers.

Choosing a degree in the science depends on the specific interests and goals of the student. The most undergraduate programs give a general overview of the natural sciences – biology, chemistry and physics – as well as mathematics. Higher education is crucial – most science-based careers require at least a bachelor’s degree – so students should be prepared to work towards at least that, if not a master’s or P.H.D., as well. 

Here is the list of recommended online colleges for Science:

Florida National College

This program offers the students an opportunity to tailor their education to specific career goals within the field. It provides a basic background in biology and chemistry useful for students considering Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy or Pre-Dentistry. Florida National University awards a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences upon graduation from this program.

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University of Phoenix

Gain a better understanding of various scientific theories and put them into practice. Our science courses and certificate program allow you to explore the world through areas such as anatomy and physiology, life sciences, nutrition, genetics, geology, astronomy or environmental science.
When you need college science credits for your degree program, or to transfer to another institution, our individual courses are a great option.

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Colorado State University

The College of Natural Sciences’ central mission is to train and educate successful scientists, scholars, and responsible citizens. In the college, dedicated professors and strong research programs enable students to become vital participants in the scientific process while preparing to contribute actively and skillfully in a world where knowledge of science and technology is assumed.
Approximately 3,400 of the University’s nearly 21,000 undergraduates are in majors within the CNS. The college also provides courses for the All-University Core Curriculum. As part of the general education component required of all students graduating from the University. Each of our eight departments has strong graduate programs that offer Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. 

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