Planning And Monitoring officer at IDEA Stockholm, Sweden


IDEA Stockholm, Sweden

Deadline: 14 October 2015
Location: Stockholm, Belgium
Salary: 31 825 SEK (3400 EUR)  per month.

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance — International IDEA is an intergovernmental organization that supports sustainable democracy worldwide. Its objective is to strengthen democratic institutions and processes. International IDEA acts as a catalyst for democracy building by providing knowledge resources, policy proposals and supporting democratic reforms in response to specific national requests. It works together with policy makers, governments, UN organizations and agencies and regional organizations engaged in the field of democracy building.

International IDEA’s notable areas of expertise are: electoral processes, political parties, constitution-building processes, democracy and gender and democracy assessments. International IDEA works worldwide. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has offices in Brussels, New York, Latin America, Africa and Asia.
In particular, it is the Units’ responsibility to design and propose process improvements based on innovative techniques and international best practices; to ensure that activities pertaining to the annual planning and reporting cycle are implemented as per the Planning and Reporting Calendar; and to coordinate the preparation of corporate documents for communication with Member States concerning annual planning and budgeting, and results monitoring within prescribed timelines;
As IDEA seeks to improve its Results-Based Management framework to set higher standards in terms of accountability both to Member States and the public, internal processes and tools are currently being reviewed and adapted. The Planning and Monitoring Officer is to support the Unit in this endeavor.
In addition, IDEA seeks to secure increasing amounts of restricted funds, ensuring the strategic alignment and Results-Based Management of projects funded by restricted grants becomes increasingly important. Because most restricted-funded projects are developed outside the annual planning cycle, the Planning and Monitoring Officer is to support ERGS and programmatic teams across IDEA in their development.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Support the Unit’s work in providing qualitative and timely input to International IDEA’s governance and internal management processes. In particular, the incumbent will participate in the process to develop and produce Secretary-General’s Quarterly Reports and the Annual Results Report. Duties will include:
  • Support to the Unit in ensuring qualitative production processes in liaison with programmatic and institutional teams;
  • Drafting, editing and proofreading of texts, that communicate programme results in the context of democracy processes.

      2. Participate in the design, implementation and periodic reviews of International IDEA’s internal management processes for:

  • Strategy development;
  • Institutional planning and budgeting;
  • Results monitoring and reporting;

       In particular, the incumbent will

  • Support the Unit’s work in updating, maintaining and organizing the database of quarterly reports by programmes on implementation progress and democracy context, and contribute to the systematic development and production of internal management intelligence as applicable.
  • Contribute to the development and organization of trainings, workshops, conferences, meetings and travels within the Unit’s mandate.
  • Participate in the continuous development of policies, guidelines, standards and tools for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Results-Based Management

     3. Inform IDEA’s project development to ensure strategic alignment and results-based management of projects,

  • Advise and support to programmes’ annual planning and monitoring
  • Advise and support to programmes as they develop project proposals for restricted funding and core funds.

     4. Support the Unit’s work in communicating in publishing relevant information on both the internet and intranet.

     5. Perform other duties as determined by the Senior Planning and Monitoring Officer or the Head of Finance and Strategic Planning.

General Profile

  • Requires good knowledge, excellent skills and initial experience in their field;
  • Will contribute to assigned projects in different aspects of the project life cycle, more specifically will conduct research and analysis, will draft various documents (articles, concept notes, agreements, etc.) and will support the projects vis-à-vis all internal and external stakeholders;
  • Adds value to team-based activities in his/her unit; collaborates with other entities of the Institute as required;
  • Can be expected to travel globally to any geographical area involved in his/her projects;
  • Follows internal procedures to ensure high standards of performance and compliance with Institutional guidelines;
  • Integrates a gender and diversity perspective in all activities.

Applications must be made in English via our webiste.

For Application Link and Further Information visit the official web-page.





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