Study in Germany – Scholarships in Germany


Study in Germany - Scholarships in Germany

Germany has become a popular destination for foreign students looking for an international education. German Universities offers internationally recognized programs at a relatively cheaper cost compared to UK, USA or Australia. Moreover, there are a significant number of available scholarships that allows foreign students to study in Germany for free.

International students can apply for scholarships at numerous institutions. The extensive DAAD scholarship database for foreign students, graduates and academics offers a wide range of scholarships and additional Information to help them with their application.

Here are Several Useful Links which contains information about Scholarships students can get in Germany.

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

The Deutschlandstipendium provides financial and non-material support to high-achieving and committed students from all over the world. Modelled after the principle of public-private partnership, businesses, foundations or private individuals sponsor young talent with a pledge of 150 euros per month. The Federal Government matches this amount with another 150 euros. But there is even more: Many universities and private sponsors also support Deutschlandstipendium holders through concurrent mentoring programmes, networking events and internships.

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DAAD Scholarship Programs

A brief look back at history shows that the DAAD has a long tradition of uniting people and academia. Founded in Heidelberg in 1925 on the initiative of a single student, the DAAD has since become one of the most important funding organisations in the world for the international exchange of students and researchers. On the following pages, we invite you to learn more about our funding programmes and the aims of our activities.

DAAD is a joint organisation of Germany’s higher education institutions and is responsible for promoting international academic relations, primarily through the exchange of students, academics and researchers. The DAAD scholarship database contains scholarship and funding opportunities for foreign students, graduate students and scientists who are seeking financial support for their studies, research work or teaching assignments in Germany. The database not only lists all the scholarships offered by the DAAD, but also diverse programmes offered by a wide variety of institutions.

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Germany Foundations’ Scholarship Programs

A number of political and religious foundations in Germany  offers scholarships to international students from various backgrounds, interests, and qualifications.
As an international student, the financing of your studies is most likely one of your main concerns. While the cost of attending a university in Germany is, compared to many other countries, relatively inexpensive, students should still expect to need at least 670 € a month to pay for their living expenses, including rent.
Some international students cover their expenses with their own personal savings or from the support of their parent(s) or relative(s). Others rely on funding from a scholarship granted by an organization in their home country or in Germany.

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs in Germany

German Universities participate in quite a number of study programs which are funded by Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.  The scholarships can finance international students to pursue a participating Erasmus Mundus study program in Germany.

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