Top 3 countries in Europe everyone can study for free



In this article we will talk about 3 countries where you can study for free from university taxes or easily get tuition waiver scholarships. We will not mention Germany because we have already wrote several articles about this country and you can check them in following links:
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All German universities are now tuition Free for International Students


According to If you are an non-EU/EEA student, federal/public universities in Austria only charge about363.36-726.72 Euros per semester for tuition fees plus 17.50 Euros for the Student Union membership fee and .50 Euros insurance fee per semester.  If you are a citizen of a least developed country, you may be exempted to pay tuition fees at public universities in Austria and only need to pay the Student Union membership fee and insurance.

Cost of Studying in Austria: The cost of living for students in Austria is approximately 800 Euros per month which covers accommodation, food, and personal expenses.

Here is the list of Higher Education Institutions in Austria 


According to there are currently no tuition fees charged in Finland, regardless of the level of studies and the nationality of the student however tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students will be introduced from autumn 2017 onwards for English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes. Doctoral level studies will remain free of tuition fees. Remember that even when there are no tuition fees, you still need to plan your finances – you are expected to independently cover all your everyday living expenses during your studies in Finland.

At the moment, scholarships are mainly available only for Doctoral level studies and research. Cost of Studying in Finland: Estimated living expenses of a single student in Finland average around 500-800 Euros per month.

Here is the list of all Finnish institutions of higher education
Here is the list of Scholarships in Finland 


According to application and tuition fees apply for students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland and who apply for or enrol on studies at the bachelor’s or master’s level. The Swedish Institute and a significant number of Universities offer full and partial scholarships for international students in the form of tuition waivers.

PhD positions are usually offered as paid positions by universities or external funding bodies. This means that if you are offered a position as a PhD candidate, you won’t pay fees and receive a monthly salary.

Here is the list of Universities in Sweden that offers scholarships/tuition waivers 




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