Vacancy for Commisary Chief in Baku, Azerbaijan



Vacancy for Commisary Chief in Baku, Azerbaijan

Domino’s Pizza Azerbaijan is looking for Commissary chief

Job Title : Commisary Chief 

Department : Commisary 


  • Managing purchasing, supply, logistics and stock control of all products, raw materials, equipment and machinery in the commissary
  • Responsible for all general purchasing and logistics strategies, coordinates purchasing acording to the budget
  • Looks for alternative logistics&purchasing&producstion methods to be financially yielding, trustworthy and timely. Reports these to management.
  • Makes sure Commissary is financially balanced, always with high quality and consistent.
  • Prepares Commissary budget and business plans and manages according to these.
  • Holds weekly and monthly meetings with all employees in commissary, prepares job descriptions for them and controls their work.
  • Prepares weekly production and efficiency report. Responsible for communication of this report to management,
  • Evaluates, analyzes and takes actions according to monthly commissary P&L. Reports this 1 week after receiving P&L to management.
  • Controls purchasing invoices, approves and logs into the system. Communicates all related invoicing to accounting.
  • Accompanies all audits to the commissary. Prepares action plans and applies them due to audit reports..
  • Makes stock count at the end of the month. Detects over or under stocking, understands reasons of over/under counts and takes necessary action. Reconciliate with all stores at the end of the month.
  • Joins local purchasing meetings and factory visits. Makes visits to suppliers.
  • Manages reporting employees according to production and logistics demands. Makes sure they are afficient.
  • Determines usage methods for materials and equipment in the commissary. Controls their usage and establishes all new inventory listings,
  • Responsible for keeping hygine standards in and around commissary and responsible for controlling the standards.
  • Analyzes market and supplying conditions, and reports to management action plans to guarantee all current and all future purchasing.
  • Makes sure that all legal documentation for production, purchasing and logistics activities are complete.
  • Analyzes all store complaints and takes action to prevent future complaints.
  • Controls and akes sure that all safety, fire safety and environmental laws are applied to and by all amployees. Detects training needs and reports to management.
  • Daily control and apply of all commissary procedures,
  • Motivates all employees to improve quality of Commissary activities and services, makes performance evaluations for their team.
  • Performance evaluation is done according to given KPIs and budget.
  • Tracks yearly maintanence program and makes sure they are completed.

Education : Food Engineer BS, MS Office, english advance level.
Experience : Minimum 3 years experience in own field






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